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At the Events of Love I am creating an environment for you to get immersed in beauty and in your own sense of joie-de-vivre it’s a chance to take some time out from the every day to be immersed in a a few hours  of experiential up-liftment.

The events are inspired by nature, colour and joie-de-vivre. The sense of what it is that makes it truly lovely to be alive.

The events I create are  inspired by love, nature  and art. I create experiences to immerse us all. The themes come from nature, the world around us, colour and music. Last month it was the sea and so the event was called “The Sea of Love”. In March the Event is “The Love Star”.

The main thing I have noticed is that when people come they feel good. Their sense of joy is increased and they feel very glad to be there. There is no purpose to them other than that. When they leave they feel like they have to re-enter the  real world. But I think the events offer a glimmer of what the so called real world is actually capable of.

Events of Love

are experiential evenings of of connection, celebration and delicious upliftment, where everyone has the chance to share their heart-felt creative essence. You’ll  get to share the treasures of your own heart and other’s hearts. The events take place on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Bird and Blend tea shop in Camden Passage, Islington London N1. Tickets are £20.00 and the next Event is Thursday 12th March at 7pm to book your ticket go here 

“Remember the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you” Rumi


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