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Events – Coaching – Dance

For a complimentary Sharing From the Heart Discovery Call get in touch here .

My work is about; connection with and expression from the heart, creating events for people to come together and connect with their hearts, coaching to help you to bring your heart-felt work out into the world and dance to feel more at home in your body and heart.

Sharing from the Heart Events are about connecting at the level of the heart for open, authentic communication and connection with integrity and fun. Events to share your heart in an accepting, beautiful, gorgeous space with others.

Sharing from the Heart Coaching is about helping you to get your heart-centred essence and message, idea, project or business out in the world in your own style – and sharing that in a way that feels really really right for you.

Sharing from the Heart Business Readings can help to give you guidance and clarity on your existing business they also help you to open, use and trust your own inner guidance and intuition. This in turn helps you make more effective and aligned choices as you grow or create your ideal business.

Dancing from the Heart is for moving from a head centred way of being to an embodied, heart centred way of being. So that we can move in a way that feels really good. It is an ongoing embodiment practice for life and we can do it through movement and dance.

If you would like to explore how to share your heart more openly so that you can start up a more aligned, joyful, beautiful and heart-centred business do get in touch to receive a 30 minute complimentary Sharing from the Heart Discovery Session with me.


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