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My work is about guiding people into an intuitive connection with their heart to be more involved in a lifestyle that is aligned in love and connection. Essentially I help people to feel better in their life, work and soul through being able to express themselves authentically, openely and from their heart. I do this through one-to-one sessions which blend various tools (such as coaching, healing, intuition, inspiration, and love) to create a totally bespoke experience focusing on you and highlighting areas such as confidence, self-expression and experiencing more love through unblocking whatever stands in the way of your most heart-felt essence.

All of my work is about supporting you to be more fully and completely whole, joyful and alive within yourself and in your life.

For a complimentary Discovery Call get in touch here .

Sharing from the Heart  is an experiential evening of of connection, celebration and delicious upliftment, where everyone has the chance to share their heart-felt creative essence. You’ll  get to share the treasures of your own heart and other’s hearts.

Coaching as a coach I support people who want to create a heart-focused life, business, creative project or event to freely, confidently and authentically express themselves and their essence from a place of deep connection with their heart.

An Intuitive Reading  will help you feel more deeply connected to yourself and can help enormously in understanding your relationship with yourself, with others in a personal, work or business setting and in romantic and intimate relationships. A reading offers you insight, intuitive support and inspiration in challenging and important areas of your life that need to shift right now

Intuitive Business Readings can help to give you guidance and clarity on your existing business they also help you to open, use and trust your own inner guidance and intuition. This in turn helps you make more effective and aligned choices as you grow or create your ideal business.

If you would like to explore how to share your heart more openly so that you can start up a more aligned, joyful, beautiful and heart-centred business do get in touch to receive a 30 minute complimentary Sharing from the Heart Discovery Session with me.

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