“Love is a magic ray emitted from the burning core of the soul and illuminating the surrounding earth. It enables us to perceive life as a beautiful dream between one awakening and another” –Kahlil Gibran–

Hello and Welcome !

I can help you to feel more fully self-expressed and more inspired in your true essence. So that you are living a brilliant, beautiful and simply inspiring life full of love.  I do this through helping you to connect with your inner soul –  using the power of love, intuition, inspired heart magic, past life regression and pure passion. Find out how to Unleash your Inspired Heart in 7 Days. Put your details in the box over here and watch your life simply sparkle – arrow2

The services that you can choose from are:

Inspired Heart Agency

To help you extract and express your inner essence and bring what is uniquely yours to the world through holistic promotions, inspiration, exciting and effective ideas and campaigns, support and promotion.

Let Your Soul Shine Hypnotherapy

Using intuitive hypnotehrapy I am able to empathetically sense the inner wise self of your soul; feel the essence of your heart and spirit and work with you in a very unique and completely bespoke way to help you achieve your dreams, goals and intentions.

Soul Shine Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is really interesting and amazingly healing.  I think that connection with who we are, have been and / or always will be helps us to let go or move on or feel connected.  It is quite extraordinary what can be tapped into during a PLR session. Connecting with our past lives can shed light on this life and also help us to release anything that has been bothering us, blocking us or holding us back. Even experiences where no past life is re-lived there is an extraordinary re-balancing taking place when someone is in that beautiful relaxed state and being held in the lap of love.

Inspired Heart Oracle

an opportunity to explore your essential essence, get clear, get answers to questions and uncover blocks to help you feel fully expressed in your own sparkling essence.

Sparkling  Essence Mists

These magical crystal essence mists are well known for transforming your mood or your space. They contain the essence of catalysed crystal energy, the purest of essential oils, pure distilled water and water from the chalice well to uplift your soul and your environment.

We are all multifaceted beautiful diamond-like beings. Everything about everyone one of us is perfect in every way. It is in noticing, accepting and loving all of our parts that we can become Love and express that in our daily life. Love is the energy that makes up everything. Love is our innate state, our innate sense and our innate way of being. There will be a time when we return to this state. For now it is enough to remember that we are born from love and of love and that even those things that we do not think of as love are. It is time for us all to open up, to stand up for who we are and what we want to say and to express our innate sparkling essence. When we are all empowered with and illuminated by our own unique essence of love then the world will shift from the dream of love to being love again.

With love,kiss





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