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I have been hosting events officially since 2008 and un-officially since I was 19 and hosted my first Event of Love dinner party in 1989. 

I like the way that through events I can bring together my vision. All my life I have been trying to find a way to share what I can see. I cannot draw or paint or sew. But I can see the vision of something –  normally with an event but it also lends itself to a person, a room, an organisation, a dance, a business or even a relationship. As I look at an empty space or see the name or enter a clearing then viscerally, visual ideas come to me that enable me to create an atmosphere and space that is warm, evocative and very often tangibly joyful. 

Ever since I remember I have had the ability to visualise a space, event or environment in full detail. I can see, feel, touch and smell the colour, style, lighting, accessories and sound involved in creating an atmosphere for an event. I can create it all in my head. I have a vision for the overall look and feel and vision for the details. For years I could not find a way to express this. At school my art teacher refused to teach me as my drawing was so indecipherable. I couldn’t find a way to visually express what I could see. Many years and many events later I came to realise that for me, events are the way that I express my art.

I use the six senses, the natural palette of the surrounding environment and my natural vision and ability to sense energy and magic all around to create the events. I create events in collaboration with others who want to have more connection with their friends, guests, clients and I create events where you can come and get re-acquainted with your own sense of joie-de-vivre. I can also show you how to create your own events or do it for you. 


Here are some things people have said about my events and my work: 

“You have a wonderful visual sense. Glorious colours and compositions”

“Incredible Every piece of this is pure magic”

“This is incredible! Such inspiration, passion and beauty. Thank you for sharing this special ritual”

“I don’t know anyone with Emily’s energy and pure passion for helping others and bringing people together. In the very cosy and welcoming event space, she beams out enthusiasm and experience in abundance. Thanks to her support, and that within the group, I left feeling mentally freed up and creative, and with some great ideas to play with”Olivia, Life Coach https://www.oliviamackinder.com

“Initially the process was challenging, but thank you Emily for your gentle non-judgmental approach, it enabled me to be deeply honest and reflect on my life. After many months in a low place, it feels as if this session has been an awakening to a wonderful feeling of freedom. It was amazing to feel that small but significant changes can re-ignite my inner world of passion and joy. Thank you for supporting me to again feel the wonderfulness of being alive. It is hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you for facilitating this transformational process. It feels as if after many months of being stuck in a monochrome world, the colours are seeping back again. Sending you many blessing to continue your powerful work and lots of love” Miriam

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, Emily. It was great to connect with the group and to reaffirm the positives in our lives. Also the meditations and exercises brought me a sense of peace and that all is well. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one!” Clement

“Hi Emily. Thank you for The Event of Love yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling different. Last night was very moving and caused something inside to change. Lovely to look at the messages of love, which are now stuck in front of my desk as lovely reminders. Being  in your beautiful events, around other beautiful souls reminds me of my essence. Your work is very powerful Lots of love to you Thank you, xxxx” Miriam

“Absolutely stunning! I’m so inspired by all this beauty you’ve created!”

“That is so incredibly beautiful Emily. Thank you so much for sharing”

“Wow! This is absolutely stunning!”

Article for EarthPathways Diary 2017

“Dancing with trees or outside in a field on the grass or in woods is a beautiful and enlivening experience. Have you ever noticed how trees dance?  If you spend any time with trees on a breezy day you can see them move and blow in the wind and it looks very much like dancing. Isadora Duncan – the mother of modern dance used to spend hours dancing under a big oak tree until she could feel the spirit of the tree flow through her.

Spending time with trees is grounding and energising. We cannot live without the oxygen that trees provide. There is something deeply magical and soothing about dancing barefoot on the ground with a tree to accompany you. It can feel really relaxing to copy the moves of the branches and leaves with your arms and hands and fingers and body. You can play music too but you don’t always need it as there is a natural rhythm that comes with the breeze. Your feet become connected to the earth and you feel grounded and supported. You get extra oxygen in your lungs which give you more energy and there is an innate feeling that makes you feel deeply whole and at one with yourself and the universe.”

Dancing with Trees c. Emily Love

“Emily was the most wonderful facilitator because she delivered the work in a very individual, intuitive and holistic way and really took the time to listen and understand exactly what you are trying to achieve – and if you combine this with her sparkling delightful personality and relentless energy and enthusiasm that comes SO naturally to her, then you are in for a treat from start to finish!

The workshop was well structured and organised with regular recaps and opportunities to ask questions which I found particularly useful – Emily offered plenty of advice and enlightening chatter so you never felt bored or overwhelmed by the content … and even fitted in a few short meditations in-between ! I left feeling a lot more confident uplifted and inspired ! I highly recommend this training” 🧘‍♀️Jane Wise Hypnotherapy

“Thank you for a fantastic day Emily. I left feeling inspired, with a clear direction of what to do next to take my business in the right direction for me, and with all the tools to do so. The day was very informative and perfectly tailored to us as therapists and healers. Thank you 🙏 I would highly recommend!” Sarah Baker

“Absolutely amazing workshop! Packed full of valuable guidance, tips and ideas. Emily’s passion for gently guiding therapists to help their business thrive, is totally unique. Thank you” Steve Extance https://www.somersetschoolofhypnotherapy.com


Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, Emily. It was great to connect with the group and to reaffirm the positives in our lives. Also the meditations and exercises brought me a sense of peace and that all is well. The venue was ideal and yes, the teas highly recommended. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one!” Clement

“Hi Emily. Thank you for The Event of Love yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling different. Last night was very moving and caused something inside to change. Lovely to look at the messages of love, which are now stuck in front of my desk as lovely reminders. Beingin your beautiful events, around other beautiful souls reminds me of my essence. Lots of love to you Thank you, xx” Miriam

“Today I went to the Radiance Gathering. Emily Love called this into life. It’s about sharing about networking and sharing and while expertly facilitated by Emily it was still very cosy and social and there was a very beautiful feeling about it. We learned from Emily and also from each other. I took away quite a lot. Emily had made handouts with a lot of points to consider about social media marketing. It was quite amazing. I hadn’t expected that. Things I’d been meaning to research for quite a long time and never got round to them. It was nice to meet new people and connect with people. I really recommend it.” Stella Sonnenbaum Somatic Coach

I completed a session with the gorgeous Emily to unlock some blockages I was having around my career.It was a beautiful, gentle, one-to-one session. The session naturally flowed and I came away feeling empowered by what came up; as it was a reminder of how far I had come in life and about potential new doors that could be opened.If you are looking for something a little different and want to brave about digging deep inside yourself, then this transformational experience could be just what you are looking for. “Michelle

The session, was alchemic and truly empowering. Emily’s passion and attentiveness felt very touching and therapeutic, her gentle guidance around the circle was actually magically transformational It’s as if many messy loose ends from my past and present were pulled together and neatly braided into a thick chord of self acceptance and acknowledgement – that has acted as a grab-handle to assist with my own powerful stepping up and springing forward.” Carol


Wow! That’s Emily power! Thank you for your dynamic advice. Your input into my project is absolutely brilliant.” Katrin http://www.katrinalbrecht.com


Emily has a unique ability to channel many sources of information at a time without losing the track or saying anything that is at all fluffy… the information that comes through is incredibly useful, accurate and insightful.The sessions are so well held, sometimes you forget you’re actually on Skype. Emily has a very clear way of communicating and I find her reassuring, loving, warm, helpful and practical. I am also deeply impressed and touched by her followups with all the details sent through promptly and generously… wow, what service! Diane

After just an hour with Emily, on a dodgy skype connection no less, I feel invigorated, inspired, and deeply affirmed. Needless to say, her years of experience in business and self-development have equipped her with a wealth of simple, straightforward advice for getting my fledgling business off the ground. But it’s her passion and empathy that really get me, and the infectious enthusiasm that leaves me eager to start tackling a workload that only this morning was looking insurmountable. She’s not only boosted my marketing strategies, she’s boosted my mood, my confidence, and my motivation, and reminded me of just why I set out to offer my work to the world in the first place, and why I want to keep doing so. She’s a gem, and I’m very grateful!” Rowan reverandrowan.com

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Emily. I was falling deeply into despair in relation to my work & business life. That’s when I met Emily and I knew she was the right person for me. She seemed to be the right mix between “a business professional” and “a crazy creative”, who could skilfully tap into both the pragmatic and the soulful side of a creative venture. Working with Emily is incredible, energising and inspiring. She has a warm, heart-centred approach and her ideas, positivity and business knowledge have not only inspired me but also given me the confidence (that as a creative person, who has little business knowledge) I can build a sustainable company that aligns with my mission and purpose”. Sam Seager, Actress and founder of Drama Bugs

“Emily just “gets me” on a level that no other coach has been able to reach. I feel seen, heard, celebrated and encouraged by her. Truly respectful of what I am birthing into the world, Emily is always by my side, supporting my ventures. She is about twenty steps ahead of me, too, which is super-helpful when planning and deciding the next road to take. I love her wisdom, her enthusiasm, her alchemical / esoteric side, as well as her old-fashioned manners and good nose for business. She is a gift to all us soulpreneurs!!!!”

Bayari Lou Beegan www.beautybybayari.com

During the months we worked together her steady encouragement and guidance provided me with the much-needed support to overcome my blocks and find clarity on how to move forward. Now I feel settled and secure in my new work situation.

Emily is highly intuitive and empathic. She related to my deeper needs, helped channel my creative potential in a beautiful way, as well as helping me to stay focused on the practical side of things & action steps. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who needs support in taking their creative or healing business to the next level of expansion, outreach and success. She is walking her talk with joy, wisdom and radiance indeed.” Bristena Mantu

Am writing in praise of Emily Jane Love, a friend of mine who does dancing with trees in the Green Gathering Healing area. This grew out of her five rhythms practice….. and sounds like a really wonderful thing to do and offer for the healing area….. i want to do it!!! Anyway she is a wonderful vibrant gorgeous woman with a huge heart and a wonderful natural enthusiasm and zest…. she will get people joining in and she will bring a great joy and reverence for the Earth…. I highly and hugelyrecommend her….. she is a very bright star! and you will Love her!! Glennie Kindred http://glenniekindred.co.uk

To Book go here http://emilyjanelove.com/event-bookings/ or email me at emilyjanelove@icloud.com 

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