“Remember the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you” Rumi

Hello, I’m Emily Love and welcome to my website. I absolutely love the deep resonance and beauty of Rumi. It is words like this that bring me the most joy. That is why I have put that quotation here. I feel that our heart is our guide. That we can connect to our heart and learn to feel beauty within and that this place and way of being is our future, our saviour. I think that living from our heart is the answer for us now. That we need to harness our mind and use it to fulfil the wisdom of the heart. I think we are living through the most transformational times and that as old structures and ways of doing things crumble, (because they are fundamentally unsustainable) – that learning how to connect with and express from our hearts for ourself, for the earth and together with one another is the answer to many of the issues that we are currently facing.

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I work with women, mainly –  who want to start or expand a business that is the expression of their heart and who want to share that with the world. So I work with people who’d like some inspiration, ideas and support to get it going. When I hear a beautiful piece of music, see an incredible image, meet someone who has a brilliant business idea or experience someone or something that resonates with me on a deep level, I get this tingle in my body. It is like lightning as that inspiration ignites and inspires my own heart. My delight is then to help that person extract that, express it and bring what is uniquely theirs to the world through exciting and effective strategies that feel authentic to them.

“Thank you so much for the clarity you have given me. You are not only inspirational and insightful, you have great business skills and provided me with some brilliant practical support and advice on the way forward thank you.” Dawn

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The way I work is where I can feel the potential of what you do and know that I can help. I will work with you over a set period of time in a coaching / consultancy relationship to help and support you promote your existing work or set up your new work. You receive the benefit of my experience and support to help you expand, promote or launch your business.

“Emily thank you so much! I now feel I know exactly what to do to make my business vision a reality” Paula

I have eons of energy, enthusiasm, excitement and experience (running ten different businesses I have been self-employed since I left University in 1993). I am best at making things happen and launching new projects and new businesses. I  have a strong intuitive sense of what is possible – seeing and feeling the big vision of what can be achieved. This is not a relationship where I do everything for you so that you become dependent on me. We work together as a team, weaving the tapestry of your business until it forms a sustainable structure that you can maintain and develop on your own, feeling energised, inspired and thoroughly empowered.

“I had a session with Emily about the PR, Marketing and development of my business. I followed her advice and as as result I am now featured as top of The Best of Local section, I have an article in two industry magazines and have gained 7 new clients as a result.” Gary

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I love dancing, but cannot dance. – well not officially.  My children laugh because they helped me pass my dance teacher training and count out the rhythm. They love to tell their friends their Mum is a dance teacher but cannot dance. But – to me that is not all there is to dance. I can feel the music going through me. Music makes my heart sing. Movement helps me to connect to my heart and to my body and I find that dancing is my love and brings me closer to the beat of my heart and my feeling of connection to the earth. And the thing is that until I was 36 in 2006 I had never danced. I was too afraid and too tense and disconnected to let go enough to move. One of the reasons I did the dance teacher training was so that I could show myself that anything really is possible. If I had been able to tell myself when I was 25 that by the time I was 37 I would be dancing and by the time I was 40 I’d be teaching dance I would never have believed it, and yet here, my greatest love and expression is something that I hid from, from myself and from the world for most of my life! A dear friend of mine from Ghana says that some her family and friends that she grew up with laughed at her when she started trying to learn the steps for her wedding dance. When they dance at home in her village, they just move their bodies to the beat of the music in a way that feels good. I’d love to dance just like that. It does’t mean that I don’t admire the beautiful choreography of loads of different kinds of dances. It just means that for me dance is about moving to connect, to be embodied and for joy, to feel good.

If you would like to attend one of my Dancing from the Heart Sessions there will be a link for you to connect here soon.

 “I attended many events which Emily facilitated, one of them being the Fairy Dance, which took place in 2014. Her event facilitation is exceptional, which in my opinion stems from her unique and lovely character. Accompanying all events was the spirit of joy, fascination with what is, and what’s not immediately accessible by the senses, wonder, and love. This is infectious, so a beautiful sense of harmony and love” DS


I have a strong intuitive sense of what feels good. I often feel like I can sense the things that are not on the surface, the things that we cannot see. I sometimes feel like I can tell what you might be thinking or feeling based on the sensation I receive from your energy field. I am extremely sensitive. As a child and for many years of my life I thought this was a negative burden. It is only over the past 10 years or so that I have begun to realise that this is a gift that I share with many others (we all have a deep intuitive part of us that can sometimes be hidden through fear or conditioning or not using it enough). Intuition is a bit like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes and the more you can trust yours. So I have come to understand that this essence, this sense of being able to feel things –  emotions and feelings and sensations is a tool that I have been learning to harness to support and guide me through life and it can do the same for others too.

“I had been going round in circles for some time regarding the future direction for my business and was feeling very frustrated when I came to see Emily. She helped me see that the answer was right in front of me and all I had to do was recognise it go for it!  I am VERY excited about the possibilities for my business and fired up to make it all a reality as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for the clarity you have given me. I would like to add that you are not only intuitive and insightful, you also have great business skills and very generously provided me with some practical support and advice on the way forward – thank you.” Julie“

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I host the events because I love to feel connected.  I can find connection in a moment on the dance floor or walking in the woods just a fleeting smile passing someone by. I find networking and small talk challenging even though I can be quite good at it. I love to know about people and share my heart with them and connect with theirs. I like deep, meaningful conversations about love and life and what makes us tick and this illusion we call reality. I feel a sense of what is underneath the surface, the seemingly invisible things like love that makes up everything is the sense that I hold dear. And so at the events I want to create an opportunity for people to come together and share at the level of the heart, with openness, without fear of judgement. A safe and warm place to be. I love creating events as beautifully as I can. I have a strong visual aesthetic. Event creation is like  my art. I can see things in my head but just not make them look that way by painting or drawing and so events are one way that I can create my visions for others to share.

“These events are filled with joy and laughter. You’ll find there’s no surprise in connecting with someone you’ve just met; soul to soul, heart to heart (with a hug of course). It’s such a beautifully profound and meaningful experience to feel the divine within every one.” Ingrid

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Sharing from the Heart

I have set up Sharing from The Heart to share and express what I love to do and what I am best at. I get really inspired when I am helping someone to launch their work out in the world. I love the energy that sparks between us as I help them carve their vision into reality. At this time I feel it is important for us to connect with our heart and express from there. I think that populating the world with beautiful heart-felt enterprises that help you to express your soul and others to do the same is going to help things to change. We can work together and collaborate. We can connect and feel part of a community. We can do work that makes us feel good and in turn helps others feel good too. And we can create businesses that have authentic principles that are congruent with our hearts, with what is good for our soul, for helping others and for honouring our earth – our home.  I think this is a key shift within ourselves and the world  at the moment. I get inspired by helping you to share and express from your own unique and beautiful heart. If this inspires you, let’s talk!

I’d like to add that it has taken me many years, a lot of work and a lot of love and support from friends, colleagues, family and my community –  as well as eons of ongoing self-awareness practice, trials and errors, and personal and spiritual development work to finally be able to write about myself in public. It is terrifying  – I get that, or can be or has been for me –  to share something true about me here. So I really know what it feels like to want to hide or shy away from being visible or not speak your truth. What has been happening for me is that after a great deal of opening of my heart which is an ongoing journey of challenges, facing my fears, heart-break, challenging myself and owning up to my limitations and secret shadows, my heart is breaking through. I feel like I am coming out of my shell. I still feel shy and vulnerable but something has snapped in me recently in my processing of some deep heart-felt wounds and traumas and I just wanted to share this here because I would like to share my belief with you that life is not like a ladder where we have finished or achieved the final goal when we get to the top rung, but more like an ongoing process, like a spiral  – of learning and forgiving and loving and opening and getting hurt and allowing ourself to experience it all,  pain and joy and elation and fear and all of the whole range of human-being-ness. I think it is all love.

Thank you, with love,






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