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Follow the Beating of Your Heart

Apparently many people can feel their heart beating really fast and deep as they go for a past life regression session. This is what happened with me too. It’s like this excitement and fear all rolled up into one. But it doesn’t feel like any kind of literal fear. This is why I have chosen […]

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The Peace of Past Life Regression

We can see of course through Past Life Regression how it can connect us with our past lives. But there is something deeper going on. The potential for which is phenomenal. Through past life regression actually, we have the potential / the possibility of being connected with everything that is. With the energy of Love. […]

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The Magic of Past Life Regression

I have just come back from the Past Life Regression training, following the Intuitive Hypnotherapy course I did last year. Wow! It was so amazing. I was on the course with a man who had died from a heart attack and come back to life. While dead he saw and felt Love. It was very […]

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Working with the Power of Love 

Working with the Power of Love I have recently been experiencing what it feels like to work with the power of love And I feel very happy and grateful to be able to recognise it when it appears in my life. It brings that wonderfully uplifting feeling where you feel in total flow with everything, […]

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Dancing with Trees

Dancing with Trees “If we see the real source of the dance, if we go to nature, we find that the dance of the future is the dance of the past . . . the movements of the savage, who lived in freedom, in constant touch with nature, were unrestricted, natural and beautiful. Only the […]

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