Getting to the Root

Samhain Sessions

All Sessions are currently half price so £33 instead of £65 per hour long session.



If you fancy a one off session to get to the root core of whatever is limiting you at the moment after which you will feel happier, lighter and free and more full of possibility of things that you might like to do to change things I am offering a special Samhain offer of one off sessions. 

Or work together with me for one month and experience a lightness that you haven’t felt for a while. 

The sessions will include all my tools and help you to feel more centred, more alive, more on track 

and more at home in your body and here in the world. If you want to feel more connected to your 

heart, more aligned, alive and free then work together with me for one month on my special 

Samhain Offer and enter the holiday season feeling quite possibly the best you have all year . 

Sessions will include homework, intuitive readings, hypno-meditations, deep listening and deep 

resting into the soul core of your being. 


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