Events of Love

The Events of Love

Love is the bridge between you and everything” Rumi

Come to the next Event of Love on Thursday 12th March at 7pm until 9.30pm. Held in Camden Passage at The Angel in Islington London N1. Tickets are £20.00 and you can book by emailing me at and sending £20.00 here

The Events of Love are evenings of connection, celebration and beautiful, uplifting experiences. As a guest, you’ll feel free, newly in touch with your heart and totally loved up!

The evening will contain meditation, simple ritual to open you to love and warming group processes that are magical, fun and lead us into sharing our hearts.

This evening will show you how to open and connect with your heart so that you can experience how good it feels to express your true self. It can open you to the possibility of a life of more joy and love. This is an opportunity to open your heart and let go of the barriers you experience to heart felt connection in your life.

You know that feeling you get when you are “in love” and you feel light and happy and free? When you are in love and you feel uplifted and magical and like anything just might be possible. Well it might surprise you to learn that this feeling is available to all of us at any time. And that we can access it through nature, through our own body through, movement and through meditation and connection. At the events of love we explore what it feels like to be in the lap of love. We get a chance to leave our daily lives behind for a few magical hours and come together and get more of what we really want, love, joy, fun and connection. They are uplifting, magical and sometimes quite wondrous experiential evenings of love.

Let’s come together and experience a connection that is beyond the everyday. This is an opportunity to open to the feeling of love in a truly experiential way.

The Events of Love offer:

❤️magical ice-breaker excercies

❤️beautiful heart opening guided meditation

❤️uplifting heart centred movement

❤️a lot of laughter – we hope, open, accepting and non-judgmental communication and an abundance of loving connectio

So what is love? The experience of being effortlessly you. An easy, joyful opening to the love and connection that is already within us and everything. At the events of love we will help you to uncover this feeling and-to feel more of it more of the time.

As a result of this evening people experience a sense of deep connection both with themselves, others and a sense of joie-de-vivre and well-being. Events of Love are hosted by Emily Jane Love. Emily creates and holds a uniquely warm and beautiful, safe and enchanting space for people to rest and shine in the essence of love.

Please note:This is not a dating event. You can come alone, with a friend or partner. You might find that you will meet new people, new project partners and potentially new friends and lovers. And you may very well leave feeling uplifted and with a warm glow and shining a light which will make you feel more loved more loving and more loveable so that you never know what might happen on the way home! People have had all sorts of lovely encounters on the train on the way home.

So come and join us for an experiential, soulful and joyful evening of Events of Love. The next Event of Love is on Thursday 12th March at 6.30pm until 9.30pm. Held in Camden Passage at The Angel in Islington London N1. Tickets are £20.00 and you can book by emailing me at and sending £20.00 here 

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