Sharing from the Heart

“So beautiful and magical. Powerful – through each part of the evening my heart really opened and expanded and my attention and focus moved more and more from head to heart.” Caroline

Come and join us for an evening of connection, celebration and delicious upliftment. Leave your troubles outside the door and for a few glorious hours, feel free, in touch with your heart and totally loved up!

The evening begins with a sequence of gentle meditations, heart-opening rituals and barrier-melting group processes that are fun, transformative and magical, leading naturally into the best part of all, Sharing From The Heart…

If you could share from your heart in a supportive circle of warm, accepting  people, what might you say, offer or do? Sing a song, read a poem, do a dance or give out hugs? You may just want to be still. Whatever comes from the heart in that moment is your gift to the circle. You might prepare something in advance, and then share something entirely different: unrehearsed and fabulously spontaneous. Do you dare to surprise yourself?

Everyone has the chance to share their heart-felt creative essence and to hold one another in a space of deep listening, playful interaction and vibrant co-creation.

This wonder-filled evening offers:

–  Magical ice-breaker exercises
– Beautiful heart-opening guided meditation
– Uplifting heart-centred movement
– A unique ‘variety show’ of heart-centred offerings co-created by each of you!
– Laughter, maybe tears and an abundance of loving connection

This is an experiential evening where you’ll get to share the treasures of your own heart and other’s hearts – whether that be pearls of wisdom or fits of giggles. Anything’s possible (except getting it wrong − there’s no such thing here)!

Sharing From The Heart gives a palpable reminder that we’re essentially the same, yet utterly unique. And that we’re never more beautiful than when we’re being ourselves. Reconnecting with yourself and others brings so much relief, relaxation and joy. Because it is then that you’re in your element. Your most natural way to be.

What people have said of previous events :

“There are very few chances in everyday life where people can express their higher spirit and see other people expressing theirs and letting their guard down. Emily provides one of these rare spaces in London. Blissful!” Sheila

“These events are filled with joy and laughter. You’ll find there’s no surprise in connecting with someone you’ve just met; soul to soul, heart to heart (with a hug of course). It’s such a beautifully profound and meaningful experience to feel the divine within everyone.” Ingrid

“Gorgeous and delightful, so much fun – a really unique evening of unexpected connections and loving vibes. The people are lovely and the event is amazing.” Rachael

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