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For a Complimentary 20 minute Intuitive Consultation email me at 

In my Intuitive Consultations I can show you how to connect with the core root of your nature so that you can once again feel “the wonderfulness of being alive” and connection with your true nature to be free like before the conditioning came along and may have pushed you out of your natural way.  Working with me is a bit like having a personal trainer for your soul.

I completed a session with the gorgeous Emily to unlock some blockages I was having around my career.  It was a beautiful, gentle, one-to-one session. The session naturally flowed and I came away feeling empowered by what came up; as it was a reminder of how far I had come in life and about potential new doors that could be opened.  If you are looking for something a little different and want to brave about digging deep inside yourself, then this transformational experience could be just what you are looking for. “Michelle

I have a knack of having a vision for other’s talents and inspiring you with knowledge and passion and in believing in you so passionately that you believe in yourself more too. I have an unusual way of looking at things. I believe that anyone can do anything so long as they do it their way and I know that it is easier to do that when we have help and support. Mainly people feel better after working with me.

“Initially the process was challenging, but thank you Emily for your gentle non-judgmental approach, it enabled me to be deeply honest and reflect on my life. After many months in a low place, it feels as if this session has been an awakening to a wonderful feeling of freedom. It was amazing to feel that small but significant changes can re-ignite my inner world of passion and joy. Thank you for supporting me to again feel the wonderfulness of being alive. It is hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you for facilitating this transformational process. It feels as if after many months of being stuck in a monochrome world, the colours are seeping back again. Sending you many blessing to continue your powerful work and lots of love.” Miriam

In an initial session we will spend time together to explore what option works for you. It may be the Star Maiden Circle, one off or ongoing coaching or a handful of hypnotherapy sessions – it may be a combination of all of these.

For a Complimentary 20 minute Heart Skype Consultation email me at 

I work with people who want to be more self-expressed; who want to overcome a limitation or get some inspiration and who want to feel more natural and comfortable in their own skin. My 25 years of being self-employed has given me masses of experience in small businesses and small business coaching and in getting ideas for projects and businesses off the ground and in marketing through social media and PR. However, the core thing that I can do is take something or someone from closed to expanded and into a deep connection with their own heart, soul and intuition. It is like raw inspiration. Often people will feel happier, more content, uplifted and have greater clarity after a session together. I have a powerful and yet deeply gentle way of working with people.. I offer a free discovery consultation where you can find out more about how I work and whether it would suit you to work together with me. I can support you through whatever changes you wish to make. This can be a fun, challenging, enlivening and sometimes totally transformational experience. There is something special about having someone working alongside you who believes in you, loves you and wants you to succeed as much as you do and who can help you to come into your centre and into the very core of your being so that you feel in line with yourself, connected with your heart and have the courage and confidence to make the changes that will fulfil you deeply in your life.



For a Complimentary 20 minute Heart Skype Consultation email me at 

This work is really helpful if you want to:

  • make changes in your life
  • loose weight, get fit, put health and wellbeing at the top of your list
  • connect with, trust and use your intuition to experience greater natural flow and fulfilment in your life 
  • recover from heart break
  • launch a new business, project, book, event or album
  • experience greater joy in your life
  • feel more comfortable in your own skin 
  • find new love or re-ignite an existing relationship
  • love your life more

Unblocking tools include:

  • life and business coaching
  • intuition 
  • the 9 energies
  • inspiration
  • hypnotherapy
  • star maiden circle
  • support, motivation, accountability, passion and belief 
  • marketing and social media where necessary
  • mindset coaching 

If you are interested in starting something new, getting to the core root of who and what you are, and / or overcoming some limitation and would like to have a new perspective, some dynamic support and some gentle and intuitive holding you could have a free twenty minute session on Skype with me to find out more about what is included and whether we might be a good fit together. “Emily has a gift for melting and opening hearts in a fast track intuitive way through playfulness joy and deep beautiful insight. . . “ Laura 

For a Complimentary 20 minute Heart Skype Consultation email me at 

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