clearquartzpointsCrystal Essence Mists

Made with love, intention and the essence of the heart.

“Emily’s crystal essence mist has become vital to my weekly ritual of cleansing the energy of my work at the end of the day. It leaves the room feeling cleansed and renewed. I use it in-between clients and at the end of the day. Thoroughly recommended.”  Julia Franks

These beautiful crystal essence mists are handmade with love and intention.

They are amazing for clearing your energy or space, as a meditation aid or as a pick me up refreshing spray.

Each mist is imbued with the quality of the crystal’s essence.

The crystals are charged in sunlight and made using pure distilled water.

Each mist holds carefully chosen musical frequencies, clarity of purpose and intention and is combined with natural aromatherapy oils to uplift, calm and empower.

“I am so happy I bought the mists, they are quite magical. With the love and the goddess one I am already beginning to feel different in myself. I really like the protection spray too, I feel a little more in my body.” Alice

If you would like to buy one of these essences please tell me which Essence you are buying in the notes on the PayPal payment page, thank you.



to help with being here now. Useful  when you find yourself lost in thought, befuddled by life, or not able to accept change. Presence essence helps to anchor you in the present moment and gracefully accept things as they are so that you become open to the magic that is available to you right here and now. Made with sunstone, carnelian, sandalwood and pine.

100ml £20.00


I made this mist to help my hypnotherapy clients who could not sleep. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective things I have found to help me to sleep. It worked so well for me that I started to use my intuitive hypnotherapy sessions for helping other people to sleep. Peace spray can support the whole process and is included in my special Sleep Packages

The Peace Mist is especially designed with the healing power of relaxation and sleep. It is made with lepidolite which helps the mind to slow down, blue lace agate for peace, rest and relaxation and amethyst which helps to protect your mind from negative thoughts as well as bring about deep relaxation. It is scented with lavender, rose and camomile which all help with promoting a restful and peaceful night’s sleep which is why I called it Peace.

100ml £20.00


for clear thought and focus. Clarity essence helps you to get really clear on your situation and is great for helping to make clear decisions. Also if you just want to think straight and feel aligned with the thought process clarity can bring mind, body, heart and soul into alignment. Also helpful for study, meditation and writing.  Made with clear quartz and rosemary.

100ml £20.00


this essence of love is made with the purest and most loving vibration,  The energy of love is the energy that everything is made of. Love is an energetic quality of vibration that you can tap into at any given moment. Using this purest essence of love mist can help you feel this and become the essence of love in the world. Made with the addition of organic rose water, roses are here to help us open up the heart and rose quartz.

100ml £20.00


a strong ally in feeling yourself fully alive and present on this earth and in this dimension so that you are clear to follow your own path now. for connection to the earth and psychic protection made with tigers eye, black obsidian and frankincense.  It helps you to re-connect to your body and the earth so that you feel part of the world, deeply connected and rooted in your home – the earth. Helps  your personal energy strong and support with any unwanted external influences.

100ml £20.00


“Goddess” crystal essence spray is made for and with the energy of the goddess in all of us.  It can be used to uncover our soul, our essence and enable us to embody our true inner power. Goddess spray has the ability to help you to release, empower and step up and into your most marvellous goddess self. Made with 2 different kinds of rose, rose-water, ylang ylang, patchouli, frankincense, laborodite, rainbow and yellow moonstone.

100ml £20.00


Traditional sage which is burned to clear a space is not always available or appropriate to use. So I created this spray when you want to cleanse a room or shift the energy. Great for use after an argument or before an event to shift the dynamic in your space or for cleansing an object.  Made with Sage, peppermint and amethyst to transmute and transform the situation or space and to uplift yourself and those around you.

100ml £20.00

The essences are £20 + £5.50 postage within the UK. 

I can also make bespoke sprays depending on your requirements.

Made with love, intention and the essence of the heart.

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