Intuitive Hypnotherapy


These deeply relaxing and healing sessions help you to clear what holds you back from feeling fully happy and in flow with your life.


When I first had children my sleeping totally went out of the window. Even after the baby slept I couldn’t. In fact after giving birth my sleep never went back to that easy, natural sleep that I’d taken for granted when I was in my teens and 20s. Later I started to wake up again. Not sure whether this was hormonal or just getting into the habit of being woken up by the neighbours who worked hospital shifts. But over time I became very tired and lethargic and found it difficult to get through each day. I tried a lot of different things to help me sleep and all of them helped to some degree but none really helped me to get back to sleep when I most wanted to at 3am in the morning and I’d lie awake waiting for the day to start, which, when it did I just felt terrible and exhausted.

Later I studied hypnotherapy at the Somerset School of Hypnotherapy. I was hypnotised for my sleeping. After this session I basically just slept again. I mean it was utterly amazing! I still sleep pretty well most of the time over a year later! To me, sleep deprivation by whatever means is one of the most soul-destroying issues. My sister had a baby at the age of 40. She didn’t sleep full nights again for over 3 years and it really destroyed her self-confidence. Lack of sleep effects everything. It becomes difficult to participate in even the most simple tasks on a daily basis and can make you feel anxious and depressed and disconnected from reality and from your body.

Contact me here to discuss whether one of the Sleep Packages might be able to help you.

The sort of hypnotherapy that I offer which focuses on deep relaxation and deep acceptance of yourself works really well for people having sleep issues. I know what it feels like not to be able to sleep and how that can impact on your life in such a difficult way. So if you are having any of these difficulties with sleep in your life let’s see if hypnotherapy can help you too like it did for me. I have put together a special Sleep Package which includes a consultation and up to 2 sessions and the recording of the live session. I will explain to you how things work and what happens and then within a short space of time after that you could be sleeping through the night again too!

Contact me here to discuss whether one of the Sleep Packages might be able to help you.

Intuitive Hypnotherapy is brilliant at helping you to clear the way for a loving, aligned and open-hearted lifestyle. It is great for a variety of things including; relieving stress and anxiety, deepening self-love, empowering ourself to make positive change, increasing confidence and moving forward with important ventures, encouraging healthy and self-loving body image, help with sleeping better and can offer relief from pain. This is the perfect weaving together of the golden threads of my work into a format that can truly help people to see themselves, love themselves and make the necessary changes to transform back into who you really are. Intuitive Hynotherapy . . . beautifully blends intuitive hypnotherapy, empathy, compassion, deep love and crystal grids so that you will be immersed in a beautiful and relaxing web of love to support you becoming the best possible version of yourself so that you can authentically live the life of your dreams and fulfil your potential.

“Thank you for today. It was a truly uplifting, empowering experience. I’m still feeling at peace” Christine

“I cannot believe it! I just got an email from the head of marketing at work. He said this piece of work was fantastic and you are clearly born to do this! That is exactly what our session was about. To embody my ability to do the work I was born to do! Thank you so much Emily” Nicola

“I had been having a great deal of trouble sleeping for about 3 years. After one session with Emily while I do still wake up in the night from time to time I almost always have not trouble at all in getting back to sleep again afterwards. My life is much richer and I have more energy. Sleeping through the night again was something that I thought was beyond me. But actually I sleep well and regularly again now. This has changed my life. It feels like I have a life again now! Thank you so much.” Naomi

Sessions are very uplifting, loving and transformative -using Intuitive Hypnotherapy I am able to empathetically sense the inner wise self of your soul; feel the essence of your heart and spirit and work with you in a very unique and completely bespoke way to help you achieve your dreams, goals and intentions. Intuitive Hypnotherapy helps you to feel more loveable and loving and more accepting of yourself. It can be extremely effective in helping to alleviate stress, pain, and anxiety as well as:

•Increase your self confidence and self-esteem

•Radically alter your ability to love yourself

•Help you to tackle the projects that you are excited about in your life and see them through

•Love your body

•Have more energy and sleep better

•Totally transform your life if you want

•Alleviate a huge range of issues; including self-confidence, smoking, sleeping (please ask me)

“Thank you so much, It is really working and I feel more creative and in full flow than I have ever been” Katherine

Intuitive Hypnotherapy allows me to connect with the deepest inner wisdom of your heart and soul so that together we can create the most natural and joyful way for you to be your true self in the world with confidence, ease and grace. This enables you to feel aligned, full of love and joy and totally in flow with the world, beautifully claiming your place, being yourself here and now.

Normally you will only require 1 or 2 sessions before seeing a shift and difference in your way of being.

Do give me a call on 07572 557 288 or contact me here if you would like to find out how I can help you.

Contact me here to discuss whether one of the Sleep Packages might be able to help you.

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