7 or more Reasons to Use Intuition in Your Business

  • 7 Reasons to Use Intuition in Your Businessbizintuition
    Intuition helps you know what business is right for you in the first place
  • Intuition helps you trust your instinct when making important business decisions
  • Intuition helps you get really clear about who you really want to work with and why. So that you can trust your intuition when hiring new staff or choosing joint venture partnerships
  • Using your intuition in business can help you to get miles ahead of the competition because you will be able to access the deep sense of knowing and won’t follow latest fads but know which new developments are aligned with your mission and which are not- In fact intuition will help you create the next latest fad.
  • Intuition helps you to access your true inner knowing so that you can get really clear about your rasion d’etre for doing the work that you do. This is the key for success in all Intuitive Entrepreneurs.
  • When are you truly aligned with your intuition business will flow easily, naturally and gracefully, clients will be beautifully and energetically drawn to you and you will feel in the flow of life.
  • When you work primarily with your intuition synchronicitous and beneficial people, opportunities and situations will come to you without seemingly trying (but you have already done a lot of work on accessing your intuition and actioning your business plan)
  • Intuition helps you to get really clear on your vision, mission and purpose and align the business clearly with that.
  • Intuition gives you a sense of ease and clarity which pervades your life and you become very attractive to work with.
  • Intuition allows you to have greater confidence in yourself, your abilities and you are able to be clear about moving forward in a direct and graceful way.
  • Intuition helps you to take notice of your body’s feelings so that you feel more at ease in the world and trust your body to make inspired decisions.
  • Intuition leads you to notice, trust and follow synchronicities in your life that lead you to implement and ignite successful, effective and innovative projects
  • Intuition helps you to harness your creativity and open to a whole new world of available inspirations. Developing these innovative ideas is the key to leading the way in your area and being first with innovative new products and services. Innovation is one of the key attributes to success in Intuitive Entrepreneurship and business.
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