Intuitive Business Consultations

An Intuitive Consultation not only gives you guidance and clarity on your existing business it also helps you to open, use and trust your own inner guidance and intuition. This in turn helps you make more effective and aligned choices as you grow or create your ideal business.

“I had an intuitive consultation with Emily and was intrigued by the insights it offered. The session consisted of a general reading followed by chance for me to ask questions.  Emily also asked very pertinent questions, and, at one point, I found myself admitting something to Emily that I hadn’t even admitted to myself yet, which was more than surprising.

Emily is warm, enthusiastic and insightful, bringing up situations that I hadn’t known were on my mind but once out in the open, recognised them as responsibilities I didn’t really have to carry.

With a number of paths to choose from, Emily’s guidance was helpful in exploring what each one might mean in reality. Having decided to take action upon one of them,  I delayed for a few days and fate took a hand and it started to happen anyway. Coincidence or not? I don’t know, but talking it through in our reading had allowed me to prepare for it and approach it with calmness, rather than panic as I previously might have done.

Overall, I felt lighter and more able to let go of some things that really needed to be put down.”

Paula Gardner

What are Intuitive Consultations?

Depending on where you are at in your business, an Initial Intuitive Business Reading could assist you with:

  • Getting clear about what business you want to run
  • Discovering how to align your business closely with your passion and heart
  • Looking at any specific issues that you need guidance and support with
  • Helping you gracefully move through any resistance
  • Developing your confidence and courage to become more joyfully visible
  • Opening your imagination and vision to new possibilities/ways of doing things
  • Using your intuitive inner knowing and connecting it with your business venture
  • Shining your passionate purpose from your heart
  • Believing that you can create a lifestyle that is authentic and totally in tune with your natural rhythm
  • Living a more beautifully aligned, and harmonious lifestyle where you combine being truly yourself with expressing your gifts, skills and talents in the world to help others
  • Getting clear on your USP and why that is important.
  • Revealing the magical keys to heartfelt networking, marketing and PR.
  • Opening to new perspectives and new ways of doing things so that you can run a business the way that you want to.
  • Getting you motivated and organised which in turn gets your business in loving flow.
  • And so much more…….

“Emily was able to guide me in regards to an overview as well as the details in my reading. Not only did she identify and confirm to me the exact nature of what has been holding me back but also gave me a range of emotional and practical suggestions to help move and clear this block. She takes pains to clarify any issue using cards and crystals and gives specific guidance.  Emily chooses her words extremely well; powerfully and purposefully so they really hit home. I am very grateful to Emily for helping me to clarify what before felt very overwhelming and to trust my heart and my intuition.” Sara

Intuitive Entrepreneurship is one of the most delightful ways to live your life and it is really possible for you now. An Intuitive Consultation can help you to get clarity on how it could be for you now.

“I had been going round in circles for some time regarding the future direction for my business and was feeling very frustrated when I came to see Emily. She helped me see that the answer was right in front of me and all I had to do was recognise it go for it!  I am VERY excited about the possibilities for my business and fired up to make it all a reality as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for the clarity you have given me. I would like to add that you are not only intuitive and insightful, you also have great business skills and very generously provided me with some practical support and advice on the way forward – thank you. To anyone reading this who is struggling with a particular issue in terms of your business or personal life, my advice is – go and see Emily – you won’t regret it!” Julie“

Who are Intuitive Consultations for?

  • You have a growing desire to run your own business. Perhaps you never knew how to begin, or you didn’t believe you could do it or thought being an entrepreneur was for other people. An Intuitive Business Reading Session will help you get clear on the business you want to run, how you can infuse your passions and heart into what you do, and what you need to do to get started.
  • You are already running a business but it doesn’t feel right or isn’t working as well as you want it to. You might want to find a solution to these problems. Or maybe you want to expand on your business or launch a new product or service. An Intuitive Business Reading will help you connect with your own inner guidance and discover what you need to do next to advance your business or work through the issue at hand.

“Emily was perceptive and extremely accurate, and gave me much insight and hope in a challenging situation. Her guidance was inspired and very loving. I feel I can move forwards with more clarity and purpose, and with more self-love.” PG

What is included in the Intuitive Consultation?

An initial 1-1 Intuitive Consultation costs £100. This will include

  • A 60 minute Skype call where we conduct the Intuitive Consultation
  • Photographs of any cards that we use during the reading for your own reference via WhatsApp
  • A recording of the session for you to refer back to
  • follow up email support for two weeks after the Reading to check in with how you are doing and whether you need any further support.

Learn to harness your own innate intuition, energy, power, passion and love, to inspire you, support you and attract beautiful flowing connections and synchronicities into your life as you become aligned and begin to find connections and experience ideas that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

‘Emily’s warmth and connection were a wonderful anchor to the reading she gave. She was very clear and included various resources within her reading, which made me feel like the reading was a holistic account of where I am at right now. I highly recommend Emily, as she is grounded, clear, and kind; combined with an intuitive spark, she gave a very apt and most importantly, a very supportive reading. Thanks very much!’ Amy

How do I book an Intuitive Consultation?

Enquire or book your Intuitive Consultation by emailing me at

“I was blown away with Emily’s reading. Very intuitive, compassionate, focused, grounded yet deeply connected to the spirits. She voiced things I had a tiny inkling of, shaped them and gave them life. I love the varied approach of the reading, woven with Emily’s own, frankly brilliant, sixth sense. I was left feeling very at peace, happy, relieved and a little bit gooey inside. I feel it’s already made an impact on my life. Thank you Goddess Emily!” Louise

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