Here is one of my favourite exercises. Can you list 100 things you love about you?




I won’t list the whole 100 here but here are a few things I love about me. What do you love about you?

  1. My ability to laugh when I am crying
  2. smelling roses
  3. my connection to the universe, earth,  faeries, butterflies the angels and the magical guides and beings
  4. my beautiful, unique, delicious and very special Emily-ness 
  5. my ability to start and ignite 
  6. my love of music of all kinds
  7. my ability to accept
  8. my dancing
  9. my bullshit detector
  10. my belief in magic
  11. how proud I am of my children
  12. my friends 
  13. My ability to create an amazing event
  14. my capacity to love 
  15. my feeling of connection

Please share what you love about you?

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