Another name for Love

cosmiceyeloveI meet you here in my eyes

As I gaze into you.

I can see only love here

I feel all love here.

My depth of love shines out brightly

Our connection shared together no matter who you are

Love. Is this love?

You think love has another name?

Love, connection, being one, whole.

Love is the shining heart of all of us.

The one way, one being, hand in hand.

Come together in this way and feel love.

Feel me and you all now.

Looking into our eyes as we gather

Your depth of love shining out brightly to meet us

the sparkle as love’s gaze lowers, rises and gathers us all together

Love. love love love love

Be love see love do love are love feel love and always feel your remembrance of the love you came from

of the love that we all are a part of, love, yes this is love. this is it. innit.

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