Why Should You Want to Raise Your Love Vibration?

12534301_1689773044579790_983856953_nThe world is made up of energy and that energy is love. Love is the place that we came from, it is  what we are and what we are on our way to. Love is the pure experience, expression and essence of us that emanates from our heart . Love is the most natural way of being. We just forgot. And now we are remembering again. That feeling of being at one, in peace and deeply connected. That is love. This way of being is our innate way, it is our birthright. Often we have been raised and conditioned away from this feeling. We may have been told that we were separate and not good enough and that other things are more important. Actually it is love –  the very essence of all things that is the most powerful force in the universe. The energy that our hearts emanate and feel is the source of reality. We have this loving, thriving, beating power at the centre of our being that is our heart. It is the heart that feels and guides and radiates our loving connection to and from and through the Universe. We need to learn how to use it, how to harness it, how to express it in our daily lives. This will help us to remember the essence of what we really are. What we are is the energy and feeling and way of being that is love. This will help us to reside more permanently in the energy of love.

When we raise our love vibration we feel better and we feel good. When we raise our love vibration we are in tune with the natural flow of life and we can easily access our intuition to follow our heart. When we raise our love vibration we can feel our heart and feel ourselves connected with everyone and everything. When we raise our love vibration our loving feelings increase, we love ourselves, we love others, we love the planet, the earth and everything that makes it up. When we raise our love vibration we have the energy we need to fulfil our dreams. When we raise our love vibration we raise the vibration of the whole planet and the universe shines.

starwandWays to raise our love vibration right now.

Listen to some music you love, or music about love or mantras about love. Music is one of the most purest forms of the universal energy of love manifested in our reality. There are lot of mantra kinds of music which are really wonderful. One of my favourites is here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EEFSB0zyE0

 While listening to that music move your body. Your body is meant to move and be stretched. This helps us to feel invigorated, alive, get endorphins going and generally feel good. So –  dance, stretch, shimmy and shake, do yoga, smile, walk, run, cycle, swim. Find any form of movement that your body likes and do it to the music.

 Take a moment for yourself. Light a candle, smell some essential oil, stand outside with feet on the ground. Put your face in the rain. Breathe. Place your feet on the ground sitting or standing or lying down and breathe. Allow your breathe to ground you, imagine your feet connected to the earth. Let the breathe ground you and centre you. While you breathe place your hand on your heart. Feel your heart expand as you breathe. Do this once or three times. Just take a moment to feel yourself in the busy pace of life, in the moment of your tears, or as your thoughts seem to overwhelm you – just catch yourself, place your feet on the ground, your hand on your heart and breathe. It is amazing how giving yourself a moment and breathing deeply in this way can serve to reconnect you to the moment of your being and raise your love vibration.

Go womanintuitionoutside. Walk or sit or stand out there. Hug a tree, smell the flowers, feel your feet on the earth – in the grass. Photograph the trees or draw them or simply revel in their presence. Feel yourself as part of the earth, part of nature. Connected with it all. Your body as the earth, the rain as your blood, the air as your breath and the sun as your spirit. Feel yourself become one with all the elements. Walk in the rain. Feel the air on your cheek. Let the sun shine on your back. Let yourself be immersed in nature and feel your love vibration rise as you do.

 Look in the mirror and smile. Tell yourself you love you. Brush your hair, moisturise your face, give your shoulders a little massage. Self-Love is one wonderful way to raise your love vibration. Talk to your reflection. Tell it what you most love about yourself. The shape of your eyebrows, the curve of your mouth, the way that you brush your teeth. You don’t have to be the most accomplished person in the world to feel connected to the beauty of your smile. Just getting up in the morning, offering someone a helping hand, cleaning up, making a beautiful meal, listening to a friend – small connections that make us all beautiful. So learn to love yourself its part of the love vibration.

Take that smile outside and smile at someone else. It is amazing how a smile from a stranger can make someone’s day. Yesterday I simply told a woman from a cold calling marketing company that she was different from the others and it made her day. A smile is catching. Imagine your smile resonating around the planet. Go out and smile at a stranger and raise the love vibration through your smile.

Write write let it all out. Writing in your journal or typing whichever works for you is a most brilliant way to get it all out of your system. You can also talk into a recording device which you can find on the i-phone. Talking it all out or writing it all out like the morning pages or therapy can help a lot of us to really feel connected to what is going on in our heart. To write and write and write with no objective or deadline is one of the most healing activities to heal our minds and souls. It is also a very self-loving and creative activity. In writing this way many people feel themselves, over time connected to the energetic source of being and to their own heart and soul. Try it and see what happens. Read about it in The Artists Way http://juliacameronlive.com/basic-tools/morning-pages/

Go and hug someone. Ideally at this point someone you know. A friend or colleague or family member, flat-mate or pet. Hugging increases the oxytocin in the body and makes you feel warm, happy, connected and good. Try it and see. If you have no-one to hug right now go to A Cuddle Workshop http://www.meetup.com/Cuddle-Workshop/. Hugging is a brilliant way to raise your love vibration. You can even hug yourself its a very lovely, huggy thing to do.

Try some of these things and see if they make a difference in your own life. You will start to raise your own love vibration. You will begin to feel connected to yourself and others and a part of everything that is. Experiment and feel and see what works for you, do what you like best. Allow yourself to feel into your heart and its vibration. Let yourself feel beautiful and full of love. Know that you are the most beautiful being, that you are magnificent in your awesomeness and that you are a necessary and inspired part of everything that is.10853010_885602174803826_1391568554_n

 See if you can feel more connected to your heart. Start to get to know your heart, feel it and talk to it and ask it questions. Your heart knows a lot more than you think! Notice your heart as you breathe and feel it shrink and expand. Next time I’m going to write about how to embrace and expand your heart through a deep and connected love vibration raising practice.

 In love of the vibrational essence of love within you and me and everything.


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