School of re-Enchantment

The School of re-Enchantment



When was the last time you looked up?

When was the last time your heart leapt because you saw the moon or the sun rise or set or a shooting star or a leaf fall from the tree?

When was the last time you felt connected to the world and everything in it?

When was the last time you felt the joy of simply being alive now?

If your answer is some time ago then perhaps the school of re-Enchantment can help you get back in touch with the joy of being alive.

It is this that will help us to come back into our body and back in collaboration with the earth and what will probably save us.

The school of re-Enchantment has been created to show you how to be your true self again  – the you that was you before the conditioning came and f*cked it all up.

So we teach simple things like how to feel, how to be in your body, how to slow down long enough to notice and how to connect with the innate essence of the earth and our hearts, as well as magical things like how to make crystal grids, how to really feel your intuition flow through your body, how to create a circle for gatherings, how to connect with the elementals, how to connect with angels and what they really are and how to dance as if nothing else mattered.

Our one-to-one sessions incorporate a blend of methodologies such as; the shamanic Star Maiden’s Circle, Intuitive Life and Business Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Intuitive Clinical Hypnotherapy, Heart-Centred Dance, Crystalology and Angelic Reiki.

We offer; one to one re-Enchantment sessions, evening introduction sessions, daytime workshops and weekend retreats.

Browse the list and see if you find something they resonates.

The school of Re-Enchantment will show you how to live a life full of connection, joy, fulfilment and heart-felt purpose and share that with others.

To find out more about the School of re-Enchantment contact us here at

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