Star Maiden’s Circle


Unstick your life and discover the magic of our own creation – Star Maiden’s Circle. 



The Star Maidens Circle – is a magical wheel that can be used to unlock doors into our psyche, actions, reactions, fears, needs, desires and beliefs & come to understand the self & our experience of life. It works by connecting us deeply to the directions – North, South, East and West and the elements of Air – Water – Fire and Earth. Through our connection with nature and the universe we can feel glimpses into our true nature and innate capacity for love and joy. Connecting with these deeply ingrained elements can free us to live a more empowered, more magical and life that is more aligned to who and what we most naturally are.

Dear Emily,

Thank you for facilitating my Star Maiden Circle.  Initially the process was challenging, but thank you Emily for your gentle non-judgmental approach, it enabled me to be deeply honest and reflect on my life. After many months in a low place, it feels as if the circle has been an awakening to a wonderful feeling of freedom.

The first glimpse of the ceremonial circle triggered reflections on my life’s journey. At that moment I realised this was going to be a special important ritual with me at the centre. Before any words were spoken it was beautiful to look at the elements around the outside of the circle and the soft inviting place in the middle. The empty space was waiting for me to sit and connect deeply with myself, to recognise myself and to adjust my perspective. Becoming seated at the middle of the circle was uplifting and a wonderful way of feeling excited about the adventure of this journey.

The second part of the process opened my eyes to the knowledge, experience and beliefs already inside me. It was amazing to feel that small but significant changes can re-ignite my inner world of passion and joy. Thank you for supporting me to again feel the wonderfulness being alive. It is hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you for facilitating this transformational process. It feels as if after many months of being stuck in a monochrome world, the colours are seeping back again. Sending you many blessing to continue your powerful work and lots of love, 


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