10 Ways to Feel More Love in Your Life

Hello, I have been contemplating – for about the past 12 years what is love, and exploring how to be more loving, and feel more love along the way. For today I have created ten ways to Feel More Love in Your Life, here are the first five. . . 

  1. Every day when you brush your teeth look in the mirror and say aloud to yourself “I love you”. Say this twice a day, morning and night as you brush your teeth for 21 days or until it becomes a habit, second nature to you. I cannot tell you how effective this strategy is for feeling more loveable in your life. Sometimes people feel odd doing this. But do persevere and see if you can just move through any uncomfortableness it is so worth it. Before long you will be telling yourself that you ‘love you” without even thinking and this causes new thoughts and feelings to be carved out and simmered through your system. Please try it and let me know what happens.
  2. Each morning before getting out of bed take 3 deep breaths. Hold the in-breath for as long as you can when you get to the top of the breath and then breathe out as slowly as you can. Take a pause before breathing in again. As you breathe in imagine that you are drawing in the energy of the earth and of the universe into your body and feel yourself as infinitely part of everything that is. On the out breath imagine a sparkling golden light of love flow out through you and over you and into the earth and allow this light to wake you up and enliven you. This practise can help you to start ever day feeling connected, energised and full of love.
  3. Smile at a stranger. This is a simple yet amazing strategy for connecting to the feeling and energy of love. When I smile at a stranger and the smile is returned I feel a rush of recognition or connection and of love. You could try starting with one smile a day or one a week. And as you continue move onto two or three a week or a day. Just see if you can feel your heart opening and your smile growing as you continue to connect with strangers and smile openly together as you go about your day. Do get in touch with any stories about how smiling at someone has made an impact on your day or life here.
  4. Heart opening meditation. Imagine the last time you felt really loved or loving. It may have been when you were last with a loved one, making love or being outside or dancing or doing something you love or kissing your children goodnight or stroking your pet. Just pause a moment when you have found a simple moment in your memory that reminds you of feeling good and of love. Then place that moment into your heart, imagine yourself doing it. Imagine what you felt like, what you could smell and see and taste and touch while you were having this experience. Allow all that to roll through your heart. Then let that feeling expand through your heart as you breathe. Then let that heart feeling move with each breath in turn to fill your whole entire body. Through your body, all the way down your legs to your feet and all the way up your arms and into your shoulders, neck and head. Allow the love feeling to simply emanate all the way through you. When you have finished or your time has ended allow all that loving feeling to come back into the centre and into your heart. Practise this whenever you can, if you have 5 or 10 mins free do it then. A brilliant exercise to do while waiting in a cue or standing on a platform or on the tube.
  5. Share your love. This is an opportunity to practise moving the energy of love through your system. You can do this anywhere. Feel your feet on the ground. Let yourself remember your connection to the earth. Breath. Notice your breath. Become aware of where you are and how you feel and of your senses, what you can see, feel, taste, smell and touch. Then connect your breath to your heart simply by focusing on your heart as you breathe in and out. Now remembering your grounding practise sharing your heart with another. This is done in silence and without telling anyone. Let your heart breath or the energy from your heart flow through you and imagine that love is shining out of your heart and into the heart of another person. Let if flow. So that there is a sense of the breathe flowing through you through them and back out into the earth to be rejuvenated by the in-breath in a loop. You can practise this as much as you like and you will see that you can smooth things over, feel the energy of a situation change, get subtle shifts of perception, calm down pain, anger, arguments or stress. Remember to breathe in a loop through you through them and back into the earth with the in-breath re-juvinating you again.


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