Creating an Altar to Celebrate Spring

Image from today's sparking crystal 2016 oracle reading

CREATING AN ALTAR FOR SPRING at spring-time use lots of candles on your alter. Use white flowers or white crystals and other crystals that you are drawn to that symbolise light, purification and the seeds of new life. You may also want to have an object or symbol on there that is precious to you. Cleanse the surface of the alter with sage or a sage oil. You can add some beautiful objects that symbol the 5 elements; maybe a stone for earth something red for fire a bowl of water a bird or butterfly sticker or card for air and a rose quartz crystal for the centre to symbolise the energetic quality of love which makes up everything.  You can add a bunch of herbs /  rosemary or fresh sage  / some fresh flowers. Just go with your flow and see where your intuition guides you. Make it personal and special to you so that when complete you feel lit up inside and pleased with what you see in a sensual and aesthetic way. The altar can be very simple just candles or just a single candle and single flower it is up to you. What matters is that it is unique to you and you feel you have created something beautiful just for you.

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