The Peace of Past Life Regression

We can see of course through Past Life Regression how it can connect us with our past lives. But there is something deeper going on. The potential for which is phenomenal. Through past life regression actually, we have the potential / the possibility of being connected with everything that is. With the energy of Love. With that feeling, with this inner knowing, with the wisdom of the world. We might want to call it the higher self, the inner self, the deeper self – the self that is part of the one. Or the universal life force energy, and the elements of earth from where we come. God or Goddess, everything that is. Because the soul has already been there we have been there here, connected with it all before and always will be.

So for me the experience of Past Life Regression was about feeling that connection through the mists of time. Feeling and being aware of everything. It was like being in the womb of the world, being in the womb of mother earth. It was a very clear sense of knowing what I have always known and what every one of us has always known. What it is that we hide from. This essence, this being, this one-ness. Which is more powerful than any physical structure more powerful than any physical being could possibly be. It is the essence of life. It make the stuff that we spend our time crying and yearning and mixing about absolutely minute because here we have limitless. The attempts in the world to try and explain this are passionately pursued by film, by science by spiritually by religion and yet here it is available right now, in this breath right here in this moment haaah.

Past Life Regression has the potential of connecting you with that, of all that is. That is what happened with me. My past life was unimportant. It was faint yes. It pointed me in the direction of peace. I was – and I could see and I could sense and I could feel and I could see and smell and hear and I felt peace and yet it was spread up a tree and into the stars. I was one with everything and it was beyond words. Beyond words.

So what to do with that. Because there is nothing really to share apart from this, this sense that I have always had and I don’t need to know where it comes from even if I am closer to finding out. That is what touched me about Past Life Regression therapy. It is that all past lives are one. Its not about our individual experiences. We think it is of course (but this is just on the surface) because we want to be individual but but each one of our experiences is simply a projection across time and space. Time is not linear, time is fully rounded we could go forward we could go backwards and through. My past life was about the future actually. The future stretched before me and the past was like a distant planet. It may have been several thousand years but I only went back couple 100 yeas. The spirit I met was eternal and infinite and he was saying I am in you all. The brain is just like computer hard drive – this idea that I am me and you are you. We have no idea about these things, all of this is dust – just particles of life playing out. Each like a shadow puppet theatre. So far away from the truth of our being, from the essence of life that we think that Past Life Regression is something independent and individual. Yes we can go into that if we want and that is great but if you want something more if you want to understand the fabric of life the essence of love then lets explore that together in Past life. Incredible.

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