Follow the Beating of Your Heart

Apparently many people can feel their heart beating really fast and deep as they go for a past life regression session. This is what happened with me too. It’s like this excitement and fear all rolled up into one. But it doesn’t feel like any kind of literal fear. This is why I have chosen this quote today. I am sure that it is because the soul knows what is coming and is excited to greet itself in this life-time now. Quite a few people have been saying that they are feeling unsure or like it is a big deal. My feeling is that it is a big deal because it is an opportunity to meet the core of us, to greet the essence of our soul! So it is a merging of this life, this body brain ego being and the heart, the inner – the essence of your soul and who you really are. Once uncovered things might really change. And you know what our ego mind thinks about that. . . . . 🙂 I really feel that past life regression offers an entrance to allow our soul to really breathe even though it may be accessed through means unfamiliar to us it is a very beautiful unfamiliar and left me feeling deeply connected and very whole. 

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