How to Raise Your Love Vibration

Love_PortalRaising Your Love Vibration

is a really good way to feel connected to yourself, to your senses, to the universe and to your Intuition. 

A really good place to raise your love vibration by coming to the Love Portal, because in this place, together in that lovely and lovingly created environment we are focused on love and energy – it is much easier to feel.  However, at the moment we cannot always be or do or feel like that all of the time, or be together all of the time. So you can listen to this meditation here which helps to raise your love vibration and below are some further ways to raise your love vibration. 

Some ways of raising your love vibration are:


breathing is obviously how we are staying alive. We are breathing unconsciously all the time. I have found in moments of deep stress however, that simply putting feet on ground and feeling the ground and taking a deep breath can change my feeling of stress in that moment.

If i do this again and try to feel my body relax with the breath I can simply change the way I feel in that moment.

Breathing properly is really important. Try listening to and feeling your breathe. Try and stop for a moment and take one deep breath. See what happens just in that moment. Sometimes it can be very simple like that.

Other ways to raise your love vibration:

Listen to your favourite music.

Stroke your cat.

Take your dog for a walk.

Go for a walk in the rain.

Raise your face to the rain and get it wet.

Go in the garden and feel the breeze on your skin – in your hair.

Shake your body.

Dance. Wiggle your flesh.

Breathe again.


Smile at a stranger.

Hold hands.

Have a hug or a kiss.

Read something inspirational or loving like Rumi.

Look at some beautiful pics on Pinterest.

Look outside at some scenery.

Burn incense.

Bask in the sun

Use some crystals that you like that glitter like rose quartz or amethyst.

Make a crystal grid.

Smell some flowers.

Don’t take it all so seriously

Try out some delicious sprays or hand-creams in a store.

Look at art.

Call a friend and chat about the universe.

Look at the stars.

Stand outside and feel yourself connected to the elements; the earth, air, the sun and stars, water.

Drink a glass of water with some lemon in.

Eat some green leaves or eat a delicious meal or piece of fruit.

Make something, a smoothie, or a collage, or a painting, or carve a stick, or a bath bomb – do something simple yet creative.

Get a foot or hand massage or a head or back massage.

Get a henna tattoo. paint your nails or toe-nails.

Sing. light a candle and look at it.

do a mini meditation like this one. . . .

the list continues; do something you have never done before, go to a cafe, make a cup of tea in a pot, make some rose water room spray and spray it, write randomly in a journal, scream, laugh, do some stretches or yoga, do some colouring, shake your hands, where red or pink or white or blue or green, get colourful, tie a silk scarf around your neck, shake some maracas, look at inspirational quotes, do something you have been putting off, clean out a draw, give some things to a charity shop, volunteer at a homeless shelter or hospice or residential care home, make a playlist, cut some flowers and arrange them, give yourself a face massage, or head massage, have a hot bath with rose petals and epsom salts, hang upside down, go to the woods or a park, or walk up a hill, go to the sea and skim stones or a stream.

Have a listen to this Raising Your Love Vibration meditation.

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