Reconnecting with the Essence of the Heart at Imbolc

Imbolc, new beginnings. A continuation of the winter solstice magic of new being.

This is a good time for us to reconnect with the essence of our heart and remember who we really are so that we can plant our seeds of inner beauty in the earth to blend with everything we may find there. So we can get together and remember what it feels like to live together again, with our hearts connecting with one another and the heart of the earth too. I’ve written an Imbolc ritual for my sharing from the heart business group who are planting the scrolls of their heart’s wishes in the earth today. If you’d like to do it too you can read it all here. Oh and there is an Imbolc playlist to dance together. Much love, as the life returns to earth and to our hearts. Come, take my hand and together let’s dance. Love Emily xxxx

The Ritual

Sit still with yourself. Light a candle. Breathe. Feel, as you breathe like your body is a part of the earth, as it is. Know that as you sit and breathe your heart is connected to my heart, the hearts of everyone here and the heart of the earth. Breathe. Let the breath flow through your heart. Focus on the 3 centres. Souls of the feet, centre of the heart, top of the head. With each in breath draw up, through your body, the energy of the earth. With each out breath let go and imagine the light of the sun filtering through the cells of your body, warming you, lightening you and letting everything renew.

You might like to use a salt scrub or have a salt bath. Its nice to use blue and white at Imbolc. Sometimes you can use a flower essence like snow drop. Do a visualisation with the snowdrops sprouting their way out through the earth and into the light. Think about what you have written on your scroll. And imagine its roots growing in the ground throughout the year a you go about your work to make it all happen. Imagine the sun and the rain warming and watering it. Feel all of the tides of your feelings and emotions wash through you as weather. And concentrate on the prayer of your heart’s desire inside your scroll. Visualise the essence of that prayer in the earth. Planted with all of ours. Planted with love. Planted with joy. Planted with the truest of intentions. Love.

If you have an opal or blue or white crystal or stone you might want to choose to plant that with your scroll. If you don’t have a garden plant the scroll in a pot plant or park.

Go outside. Take your scroll. Where a cloak or a long scarf. Be warm. But you might want to take your shoes and socks off to feel the earth between your toes. Take your scroll. Bring it to your heart and use it to guide you to the patch of earth where it will be planted. Feel your breath. Use it to connect to the land and the essence of your heart wishes. When you find the place stop and either stand sit or kneel down. Then we are going to dig a big hole for the scroll to go in. I may re-fold my scroll into a small square or ball and then. I do not want to plant the ribbon because it is not a bio-degradable ribbon to remove the ribbon. And plant the scroll, with the crystal on top if you have one. Visualise this prayer coming to fruition in the physical world. Really feel what it feels like as this becomes real. Smile. And plant it. Give thanks. pour some water on (easy if raining).

Then come inside. And dance Dance. Here is the playlist for Imbolc.

Give thanks for the essence of your heart prayer coming out in this world. Imagine your wishes for us all. For those you love and impinge that you love yourself just as much as the people that you love all around you. Imagine us all dancing together in the summer as our the prayers on our scrolls blossom and bloom. Then shake it out. Go through each body part and shake it in turn. You can close this Imbolc planting ritual by bringing your hands together over your heart and saying thank you as if it is already happened. Place your hands at your belly, your heart your head. Bow down to stretch your body out. Then give yourself a hug and go to bed.

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