What is Love

loveenergyLove is the energy that everything is made up of. That means you too!

This website is about helping you to connect with your heart and follow it in all areas of your life.

You know that feeling when you are in love? You feel light, happy, free and totally energised and connected? Well that feeling is our innate way of being. It is available to us all, all of the time.

Love is the binding force of the universe. Love can feel magical, connective, joyous, uplifting and free. The feeling of love is available to all of us all of the time. Magic and miracles happen every day. It is simply a question of opening to them; of feeling your heart and entering a world of joy, happiness and bliss. This experience of Love is like being more acutely tuned into a colourful vibration of being. The world is a beautiful place and it is possible to connect with our hearts and experience it more. It is possible to look at life differently to think about life differently and to connect with something beyond us and feel ourselves a part of something bigger – connected to ourself, each other, the earth and the whole world. One heart, one soul, one love.

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