The Magic of Past Life Regression

I have just come back from the Past Life Regression training, following the Intuitive Hypnotherapy course I did last year. Wow! It was so amazing. I was on the course with a man who had died from a heart attack and come back to life. While dead he saw and felt Love. It was very moving to meet him. To hear someone who has experienced the stuff that everything is made up of – Love. He said there is so much love. We don’t need to get it from another because there is loads of it around us in the ether, we can just breathe it in.

The Past Life Regression experience was very deep and magical. During my own sessions I found myself jumping from stars and walking through the mists of time. I actually connected with a guide who was an old old elemental spirit and shared much wisdom. It was also very moving. I felt a sense of the timeless connection with all things. How we are all a part of this universe. I felt the one-ness that we all are.

Past Life Regression is really interesting and amazingly healing. Even from a short session one of our class mates gained massive insight into her this life situation and made great strides in changing it for the better. I think that connection with who we are, have been and / or always will be helps us to let go or move on or feel connected. I am convinced that it is our connection to the heart, the soul and everything that exists that makes us feel so good and part of. It is like I really feel part of now. In a way that I only sensed before. Now I know it because I have felt it. Simply wonderful and again, very beautiful.

It is quite extraordinary what can be tapped into during a PLR session. Connecting with our past lives can shed light on this life and also help us to release anything that has been bothering us, blocking us or holding us back. Even experiences where no past life is re-lived there is an extraordinary re-balancing taking place when someone is in that beautiful relaxed state and being held in the lap of love. As time is not actually linear you never know what you may experience. I feel very happy to have discovered all of this and am looking forward to sharing it with you.

If you are interested in past lives or aware that you have blocks or issues that you have not been able to address or deal with in other ways. If you want to feel really relaxed, connected, beautiful and part of this world or simply discover your past lives then it may well be worth giving it a try.

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