Mini Morning Ritual

12545498_1032348003488139_1676406809_nWhether you have hours or moments I find it a really beautiful and connecting thing  to make time in my day for some personal ceremony and ritual. I like to have a little morning ritual and an evening one too. I don’t always manage every day but I am happy with the days that I do. I have some friends whose morning ritual takes at least 3 hours. We don’t all have 3 hours every morning though – so here is an idea of what to do if you only have 5 minutes.

  • Open the curtains and the window and get some air
  • light a candle on my alter
  • choose a crystal and oracle card for the day
  • do a minute or two of stretching while playing some beautiful music notice my breathing and do my earth and sun deep breathing
  • have a mini meditation shower either real or virtual, using rose petals, epsom salts or beams of light.
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