Mini Self-Ritual to Accompany use of the Sparkling Crystal Love Essence

rosequartzwandSelf-Love Ritual to accompany use of the Sparkling Crystal Love Essence

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Find a quiet time when you won’t be interrupted. Anything from 5-30 mins. 20 mins is ideal.

You can play some music if you like this is a great track to use (Anima Daughter of the Stars)

Think about an intention for your mini-ritual. It could be simply to clear yourself of anything that does not serve you. It could be to connect with your angels and guides. It could be to get clear about the next steps to fulfil your life mission. It may be that you want to embrace love for your self and welcome more and more love into your life. It could be to simply relax and immerse yourself in the magical feeling of crystal essence. It could be to illuminate your own essence and share that with the world.

Make sure that you are as warm and comfortable as possible and that you can sit with your feet on the ground.

If you have a lot of time then it is really great if you can prepare by having a pink salt or epsom salt bath which you may like to perfume with rose petals or jasmine oil. See the link on my website for more details on purifying salt baths and rituals.

Spray the Crystal Essence Love Mist all around you and the room. It is fine if some lands on your skin although spray the space around your body rather than directly onto your body. You may wish to spray at the head, heart and feet or at each chakra or simply top, bottom and sides. Place the bottle in front of you and if you have a piece of rose quartz  or a rose or a flower or any symbol that reminds you of self acceptance, beauty, nature and love place that next to it. You can also use a piece of clear quartz which can be used in place of any crystal. If you do not have a crystal that is fine you can visualise it or use any object you wish. An object is not necessary just nice to use for the ritual.

Take 3 deep breaths to centre and ground yourself.

With each in breath imagine that your feet are connecting deeply with the earth and that you are drawing in the deep supportive protection of earth energy that you live on.

With each out breath imagine that there is a golden sparkle purifying all the cells of your body. This golden sparkle is the energy of the universe that lights up the magic of you.

Keep your attention on your breathing and return your breath to your own pace with awareness.

Use your imagination to visualise roots growing from the souls of your feet down through the ground beneath you (they are like tree roots – spend some time really seeing the roots and feeling them) and further down still until they pierce through the top soil and grow down into the earth until they reach the very core of the Earth where you can see and feel your roots mingling, merging and mixing with the roots of everyone and everything else. Revel in your connection, depth and support. After a minute or two imagine bring the roots back up into your feet. This is a great grounding exercise to do on its own anytime when you need to feel focused, grounded or connected.

As you become more grounded turn your attention to your heart. As you breathe notice your heart opening and closing. Feel your heart expand and contract. Imagine that your heart grows slowly to fill your whole body. Imagine your heart filling your chest, your belly, your arms and legs. Allow your heart to overspill. Let your heart fill the space around you. Imagine your heart combining with the heart of others near you – loved ones, friends or strangers. Feel your heart connecting with them. Then slowly bring your heart back to your centre. Bring it back from the others, back into your body and back up into yourself until you can feel it as its normal physical size beating in your chest again.

Now turn your attention to the place at the top of your head.

Imagine that the rays of the sun are sparkling and shining down onto your head. As you breathe imagine that these rays are shimmering down from the sun into your body to light you up, cleanse you and energise you. Feel yourself standing in the golden light of sun love as you feel all of your cells warmed, energised and lightened by the sun.

If you want to spray the essence again now is a good time to do so. Remember your intention and ask for any feelings, sounds, images, smells, messages or symbols to come you. These may be from your heart, from angels or guides from any of the other dimensions. Notice how your body feels, what your mind thinks, any images that you have, any smells you have or any sounds that you hear. Acknowledge these and make a note of them.

Let go of any thoughts and allow yourself to relax. Smell the essence in the air around you. Let it waft through and over you. Enjoy the sensation.

Begin to wriggle your fingers and wriggle your toes. Rub the palms of your hands together and shake them out. Stretch, yawn and come back into your body. You can spray the mist again in completion of your Crystal Self – Love Ritual.

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Maybe have a little dance now. Here are couple of nice songs to dance to. MC Yogi Heaven is Here Heartbeats Jose Gonzalez Express Yourself Labyrinth

You can buy these beautiful essences here

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