Personal Spring Ceremony

A beautiful Ceremony that you can do for yourself at Spring-Time is as follows:
have an epsom salt bath or shower and cleanse yourself body and mind
Use white rose petals as a symbol of new life and purification
Create a circle with the rose petals.
Call in the elements and the qualities of the elements as you step inside
Dress in white or green like a spring god or goddess

light a lot of candles (I have recently started to buy beeswax candles as others are toxic to the environment)

Infuse your burner with Bridget incense or other lightly coloured incense that you love. At the moment I love “Astarte”.

Play some music if you wish or sit in silence
Next, consider your feelings you have felt over the winter months and feel into the themes and stories of your life. Let the feeling of your connection to the earth and the elements wash over you. Think about who you are and your life patterns. What is it that is growing and brewing inside you? What seeds are as yet unplanted? What dreams or visions un-expressed? Place your feet firmly on the floor and give thanks in your own way for your life and for the sun and for the return of spring. Allow the light from the candles to warm your heart. Let anything that hurts you feel the light. Imagine you are giving all pain to the candles and they are able to purify it with their light, like the snowdrops that begin to emerge out of the cold earth. Breathe deep and do the grounding meditation here as you breathe. Connect with your heart and allow it to expand and fall naturally and simply notice it doing so. You may like to stretch or move a bit now. Sit silently for a moment and see if you feel anything, see anything, hear anything or whether any particular symbol comes to mind. Note down anything that does as you gaze into the candle light. You may wish to draw an oracle card and note down anything that you notice or feel about it. If you get any insights into a new project or dream or idea then note these down too. You may like to sing or use your voice. Then close your circle thanking all of the elements in turn. Stretch, bow, twirl or curtsey to close. Step out of the circle and let the candles burn out safely and naturally. Make a cup of tea and have something to eat. Go to bed warm in the glow of your connection with yourself and your heart. Allow your intuition to guide you as you connect with the planet, the universe and the energy that makes up everything. And – so it is.

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