Sharing from the Heart – An Open Heart Show

I created Sharing from the Heart because I feel it’s an important time for us to come together and connect with our hearts. Everyone has something valuable to share. All our hearts are one. I think that we have gotten used to listening outside of ourself for advice or expert opinion. But why not trust ourselves? Heal ourselves? Ask questions of our hearts about solutions to situations that we don’t like either within us or in the world.

There are a lot of people you may never have heard of doing incredible things. I met a woman the other day. She is literally buzzing with love energy. When she put her hand on me, the ache in my shoulder literally subsided.

And then there was this bus driver who  was just emanating an essence of uplifting joy. It was amazing. She stopped in-between stops to let some people on in the rain, it was just a natural thing for her and they were so grateful. I felt buzzing with this joy on the bus, it felt great. As good as any workshop I’ve ever been to for me it was the most joyous bus ride ever. And it was simply created from someone being in their heart and sharing that without thinking.

And that’s really why I wanted to find a way to come together in love, and connection and beauty and natural magic to share from our hearts, all of us! To laugh and maybe cry? And revel in our messy, beautiful uniqueness that emanates from our soul and share that together with one another, you know – in this beautiful way. Sharing from the Heart. Well I hope it will be beautiful and fun. Let’s see.  

Sharing from the Heart is on Saturday 9th December at AHO Studios and you can book here .

Looking forward to sharing from the heart.

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