Winter Solstice Ritual and Meditation

img_8702So firstly prepare yourself and your space.

During the day see if you can go for a walk in the woods to collect supplies.

A feather, a stone, some leaves perhaps. Today I collected a beautiful sprig of pine and a pink feather – yes pink!

Enjoy your time outside. What can you hear, see, touch, smell, sense?

When you come home it is time to cleanse your space. You can use incense or smudge or if you don’t want to burn anything I make a Cleansing Crystal Essence Spray from sage essence and amethyst crystal to charge the space and remove any negative energies.

Then have a salt bath or shower. You can use pink himalyan sea salt in a scrub in the shower or fill your bath with epsom salts and add any scent you like. I like to use rose petals, rose oil and place rose quartz crystals at the bottom of the bathwater. –  Experiment until you find your own version.

While bathing / showering imagine that you are being cleansed, the cells of your skin are being washed away ready to uncover your true inner self.

Then prepare a centre-piece. Place symbols to represent the 5 elements around a central spot. You can use flowers a plant or a candle in the middle. At the North place a crystal or a stone to represent the earth. At the East place a feather or something light to represent the Air. At the South place something red and fiery to represent Fire, at the West place a bowl of water to represent Water and by the middle put something that you love to represent love, spirit / ether. You may even like to place your favourite set of Oracle Cards in the centre to use later. Also you may wish to have a pen and paper beside you so that you can make a note of any insights that you receive.

Then come and sit by your circle.

Consider the feelings you have from each of the directions and the elements. What comes to mind when you consider Earth, the place we live, where things grow, mother Gaia? What comes to mind when you consider Air, that we breathe, imagination, healing, magic. What comes to mind when you consider Fire, warmth, passion, love, transformation? What comes to mind when you consider Water, emotions, flow, bubbling brooks. And what comes to mind when you consider Love/Spirit/Ether – connection, unity, oneness, love, openness, human compassion? Call in the elements and welcome them and then you can ask to embody specific qualities. The qualities that we all share such as grounded-ness and presence from the Earth. Direction, focus, passion and sexuality from the Fire, emotionality, compassion, feeling from water and imagining, magic, breath from the Air and all the inner knowing and connection that we share with the spirit and our soul.

Now sit and meditate and follow the guided meditation from the links. The first is the 3 grounding breathes. At the end write any insights you got from the image in the fire.

You may like to pick an Oracle Card now for further depth into the insight you gained in the tree fire.

Wriggle your toes and fingers, stretch your body, roll your neck, rub the palms of your hands together. Take note of anything you might want to remember in your notebook.

Close the circle, thanking each of the elements in turn and wishing them farewell.

Now get up clear things away and move. Here are some links that you may want to dance to. MC Yogi Heaven is Here Heartbeats Jose Gonzalez Express Yourself Labyrinth

And that is it. I will create more soon. With love,


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