Working with the Power of Love 


Working with the Power of Love

I have recently been experiencing what it feels like to work with the power of love

And I feel very happy and grateful to be able to recognise it when it appears in my life.

It brings that wonderfully uplifting feeling where you feel in total flow with everything, with the universe, with others, with the breeze as it blows through the leaves in the trees – with the beating heart of one-ness that everything is made up of.

This feeling of working with the power of love feels like a waterfall but it is me that is cascading in joy over the stones.

It feels like excitement and freedom and flow.

The time literally dashes by as the night draws in and I find myself suddenly sitting there and it’s dusk and then dark.

It feels like I could go on forever.

It feels perfectly aligned.

It feels like being a deer or working with a deer -a creature who inhabits the forest who is so magical that it lends its own magic there – that daisies and butterflies all unfurl under its step.

That I know instantly what to do – or our actions and ideas are mirrored instantaneously  and I can feel my heart pumping the blood around my body fast.

My mind misses this feeling, thinking that it has never had it before and yearning to hold onto it or recreate it all the time and knowing that it may never ever come again. But it has and it does.

There is no pressure just flow.

There is no time just light.

There is no expectation just synchronicity.

There is no certainty just a really good feeling deep down below.

There are no goals just a feeling of knowing.

There is no intention other than pure inspiration.

There is no quality other than the one of becoming a giant goosebump as the body registers its pure rapture as we hurl seemingly aimlessly yet deeply on purpose into the abyss of absolute truth

This is what working with the power of love feels like. Clear, golden, sharp – a waterfall of bliss, an eternity in a minute on the razors edge soar of the eagles wing.

I want to thank Ruth at for her mutual inspiration because she is the Deer and the Eagle.


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